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Hungária has been part of the Törley Group since January 2005, which also includes BB, György-Villa, Törley, Hungarovin and Chapel Hill. Törley Group is owned by Henkell & Sohnlein.

The sparkling wines of this house, the Hungarian Pezsgö, are made according to the Methode Classique. Processing takes place in the hills of Budafok.

The main grape varieties are chardonnay, rajnai rizling and pinot noir, all of which grow in the wine region of Balatonboglár, south of Lake Balaton.

The sparkling wines are fermented in Magnum bottles for approx. two to three months. They are then aged for a further 9 to 18 months ‘sur lie’. After this, the bottles are transferred to pressure-resistant tanks, sealed and cooled. The wines are then filtered and the liquer de tirage is added. A two-week rest period at -7°C follows, allowing the yeast cells to settle. After filtering again, the sparkling wine is bottled, again under back pressure. The wine is now ready for sale. This process has the advantage that one can produce larger quantities of sparkling wine of equivalent quality in a short period of time. Also, there is no need to turn the bottles by hand (remuage), while still preserving the aromas created during the second fermentation.

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