Azienda Vitivinicola MO Grignolino DOC

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Grignolino from MO from Piedmont, Italy. Beautiful dry red wine made from Grignolino grapes in Asti. Its strong personality is due to the soil and special microclimate of our vineyards. The name comes from the word “gragnola,” which means “grape seeds” in peasant jargon. This wine has a bright ruby color and a pleasant dry and smooth taste. MO has made a surprising wine with this Grignolino grape. Drink the Grignolino at 16-18 degrees, but it can also be drunk a bit colder, which is what makes this wine so special. Even a brief visit to the refrigerator gives this wine an extra dimension for the enthusiast. The wine is fruity, light in nature and somewhat crispy with a soft fine finish.

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