Henry Of Pelham Bin 106 Baco Noir Old Vines Lim. Edition Single block

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Baco Noir by Henry Pelham from Niagara, Canada. This 30th Vintage Limited Edition Baco Noir comes from the oldest vineyards (Bin 106) of the Family Estate. Vines 40 years old and up. This spicy red wine has a minimum 12-month barrel aging in new French oak. Rich and full red wine with a lot of finesse based on 100% Baco Noir grape. Aromas of mostly blackcurrant and spice. Ideal wine with spicy pasta dishes, red meat dishes, lamb and game dishes. The Baco Noir grape is the Pride of Canada. The planting area is about 500 ha. in Ontario. Juicy, spicy with relatively low tannins. Estate Henry of Pelham can safely be considered one of the most renowned wineries in Canada. Their 300 acres of vineyards are located in the Short Hills Bench sub-region of the Niagara Peninsula (Ontario).


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