Van Loveren Four Cousins Marula Cream


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Aperitief by Van Loveren from Robertson, South Africa Marula Cream is a creamy liqueur is made from the fruit of the marula (maroela) tree which is found only in the woodlands of southern Africa and in some areas of West Africa. By marula (Sclerocarya birrea) is meant both the tree itself, the citrus fruit itself, and the hard kernel (a type of bean) inside. There are also quite a few marula trees in South Africa’s Kruger Park, and there they have taken on their other name of “elephant tree. The marula fruit is a delicacy for the wild animals of the Kruger Park, and elephants in particular like the marula: they then literally shake the ripe maroelas out of the trees. The high sugar content of the marula then additionally creates a fermentation that makes some animals semi-drunken.

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