Pinot-Chevauchet Généreuse

Bright yellow

Nose: explosion of aromas

Mouth: Intense balance

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Fine Champagne made from Pinot-Chevauchet from Champagne, France. Brut nature, 0 gram dosage, 5 years sur lee. Compiled from the 2015/2014 harvests, this cuvee is mainly dominated by 90% Meunier against 10% Chardonnay. There is an explosion of aromas on the nose in this no-dosage Cuvee. A very nice balance on the onset between a sense of intensity and sweetness. Surprising as an aperitif, but absolutely ideal with oysters, seafood and shellfish. … This Champagne candidly reveals the pleasure of natural fruit. A natural pleasure.

Bronze medal DECANTER World Wine Awards 2015.

silber medaille Concours des Vins Elle A Table 2015


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Pinot-Chevauchet is located in Moussy; a village of about 700 inhabitants in Coteaux Sud d’Epernay, 4 kilometres from Epernay . Pinot-Chavauchet has 4 hectares of land spread over 27 plots on one hill (Moussy/ Pierry premier cru). Didier is the 4th generation independent champagne maker. They work in a nature-conscious way (HVE) and use as little sulphites and malolactic fermentation as possible. Instead, they let the champagnes mature longer sur lee; at least 5 years! Of the eight champagnes they produce, we have chosen to import as many as six exclusively. Pinot Chevauchet is a Recoltant-Manipulant winemaker, which means the entire process of making champagne is done by his family; working in the vineyard, harvesting and pressing the grapes, letting the wine ferment all the way through to bottling, aging in the cellars and sales.

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