Piot-Sevillano Le Temp pour Elle

Sparkling golden yellow

Nose: violets, rose, maple and vanilla

Mouth: sparkling with a nice, persistent and silky finish.

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Champagne by Piot-Sevillano from Champagne, France. Perpetual reservé of meunier, started in 2011. This gourmet cuvée reveals violets, rose, maple and vanilla with aromas of melting pear with a beautiful, persistent and silky finish. 100% Meunier Extra brut, 3,2 gram dosage Solera, multi-millésimes: 2011-2021

Piot-Sevillano Le Temp pour Elle


Piot-Sevillano is based in Vincelles; a village of some 900 inhabitants along the Route du Champagne in the Marne Valley, known for its high-quality Meunier. Piot-Sevillano has 7.5 hectares of land and Christine is the 10th generation of winemakers since 1700. Since 2015, they have been HVE (High environmental value) certified. Yield: 70% Meunier, 15% Pinot Noir and 15% Chardonnay, half of which was still planted by Christine’s grandfather. The limited edition series of ‘moment of eternity’ are made in an edition of 640 bottles. Piot-Sevillano is a Recoltant-Manipulant winemaker, which means the entire process of making champagne is done by his family; working in the vineyard, harvesting and pressing the grapes, letting the wine ferment all the way through to bottling, aging in the cellars and sales.

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