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Sherry by La Guita from Manzanilla, Spain. The bodega of la Guita was founded in 1825 by Don Domingo Perez Marin, making it one of the oldest bodegas in the area. Manzanilla is the finest and most elegant of all Sherries and may only be produced in the town of Sanlucar de Barrameda, on the Atlantic Ocean, therefore these wines have a slightly salty flavor. A very strict selection of the harvested Palomino grapes and only the first pressing is used. The young wine matures for a year in wooden barrels, which already gives it e and important part of its specific character. After this, the wine goes into the “Solera system”, for traditional aging on the “flor”. The “Solera system” is unique to the Sherry region. One fills the wines from the oldest barrels, but a certain portion remains in barrel and this is replenished with younger wine. Thus, by repeating this process over and over again, one can guarantee a very consistent quality. La Guita is particularly delicate and tarry. The color is bright golden yellow and in the nose one finds elegant aromas of apples and figs. The taste is dry and slightly bitter and the finish.

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