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Verdeca by Vineka from Piemonte, Italie. The intense, citrusy and warm bouquet culminates in the glass with a bright straw yellow colour with unmistakable greenish reflections, an intense bouquet citrusy and warm with tonic and stimulating notes, a fresh, slightly Acidic palate and good persistence.There are affinities, not only in the name, with the Portuguese grape variety Alvarinho, grown in the Vinho Verde area.

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Wine house VINEKA

Vineka was founded in 2016, with the mission of bringing beautiful Puglian wines from Salento and the Valle d’Itria to the world, while encouraging the local area by rediscovering its untapped potential. Since then, the project has grown as founder, Guglielmo Zito envisioned.

Born in Martina Franca, Guglielmo got a taste for winemaking when he studied the basics of agroeconomics at a young age and gained practical experience here in the Valle d’Itria. He then worked as an export manager in London before setting up his first company in 2009, importing wine to the UK and later to Central and Northern Europe.

In 2016, he decided to focus on personally supervising every step of the production process and moved back to his hometown in Valle d’Itria. There, with his partner Milda Andrikonyte, he started producing his first Puglian wine label, VINEKA.

The team at Vineka has always remained committed to sustainable winemaking. We have moved away from high-volume sales and instead choose to work closely with the local area and draw on the expertise of established growers. Besides the first label, Vineka, two other labels were created: ZITO and ITALY. Both were successful in Italy and abroad, attracting the attention of wine buyers on both sides of the Atlantic looking for quality.

Today, Vineka operates in the Italian and international markets, with a carefully balanced collection of Puglian wines ranging from the simplicity of local tradition to the exclusivity of fine wines.

Winery VINEKA aims to introduce wine lovers to some iconic grape varieties native to Salento, such as Primitivo di Manduria, Susmaniello and the historic, almost forgotten Verdeca, a true gem found here in “trulli land”. Our commitment to the craft of winemaking is, above all, a tribute to the Valle d’Itria.

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