Weingut Peter Dolle Blauer Zweigelt

Blauer Zweigelt

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Zweigelt from Peter Dolle of Kamptal, Austria. Translucent ruby red wine with cherries and strawberries in the nose. Young, uncomplicated wine made on fruit with a fresh taste. A “friendly” wine that can serve for all days as well as for a festive occasion.


saltimbocca A la romana op basis van kip.

Take a chicken thigh fillet (Boneless. On the side without skin place a slice of Parma ham and on top a fresh sage leaf, prick with a wooden skewer. Fry especially on the skin side until crispy, turn over briefly and fry briefly. Remove from pan, deglaze with a little wine, reduce and assemble with butter, don’t be stingy with the pepper. Serve with a saffron risotto and fresh peas. Make a cheese cracker: sprinkle 5-10 grams of coarsely grated Parmesan and bake in the oven on baking paper for 10-14 minutes at 170 degree. Ecco!

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