Zenato Cressaso Corvina Veronese


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Corvina-Rondinella from Zenato of Veneto, Italy. What a ripe and round wine this Cresasso Zenato, which is an interplay between the grapes Corvina & Rondinella. The grape vines for this wine can be called very old, and that gives it its terroir and power. All grapes are hand-picked and then wood-aged in oak barrels for about 24 months. During this period, this Cresasso develops into a wine for enjoyers, because really everything is in this full-bodied red wine! After lagering in oak, it matures for a minimum of 18 months in bottle at Zenato’s cellars. Not a single bottle leaves the warehouse without approval from the winemaker. For the quality is at an unprecedented high level, which is also noticeable in the aroma and taste of this Cresasso Zenato. On the nose, it has a broad bouquet of black fruits such as blackberries and ripe cherries complemented by spices, vanilla and licorice. On the palate complexity and firmness, with impressions such as black fruit, vanilla, licorice, cherries and something of pepper and cinnamon. Just a TOP with capital letters!

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