Bouquet d’Alella Pansa Rosada

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Pansa Rosada from Bouquet d’Alella of Catalonya, Spain. Organically produced, manually harvested grapes and transported in 18 kg crates. “White Rose” from the rare Pansa Rosada grape, from the Alella region. The grape itself is light yellow in color the wine is pale golden yellow with pink hues. Aroma of green apple and anise, some red fruit and mango. Soft and elegant on the palate with spicy hints, silky soft structure and pronounced but gentle acidity. A real wine for aficionados, sommeliers and those on a quest to discover trouvailles and wine rarities. The production is limited, less than 500 bottles, because the grape is rare, gives little yield to the bush. Serve at 10 -12 degrees with oriental dishes and white meat.

Ontmoet Bouquet d’Alella


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