Sven Nieger Riesling Unbeschwert 2017


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Riesling Unbeschwert by Sven Nieger from Baden-Baden Germany. Very pure, juicy Riesling with citrus aromas and great minerality in the finish. Sven is a fast-emerging oenologist who is making international headlines with his “Ungekend” beautiful rieslings.

Sven Nieger Riesling Unbeschwert . Very pure, juicy Riesling with citrus aromas and great Minerality in the aftertaste. Sven is a rapidly emerging oenologist who has achieved international acclaim with his “Ungekend” beautiful rieslings.


Fry a fish fillet on the skin. Make a sauce of; shallots, white pepper jehru puruth( kefir or lemon leaf) and plenty of white wine , 1 dl per guest. Cook until almost dry, remove leaves, assemble with butter to a creamy sauce. Finish with chili powder and salt, and mix with hand blender. For even more exoticism can and bit of passion fruit there . Serve with this a strudel of sauerkraut and juniper berries, topped with finely chopped bisque. Caramelized granny smith apples are not mandatory, but very tasty with it.

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