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About Tornai

The Tornai family winery is located in the smallest wine region in Hungary: Somló. The winery is among one of the first privately owned houses after the fall of Communism. The original cellar was built in 1868 and started by the father of the current owner Tamás Tornai. Meanwhile, his two daughters also work in the winery. The winery’s success is evident in its rapid growth. For the second time in 10 years, the wine cellar was renovated and its capacity doubled. In addition to an up-to-date winery, they also have a restaurant, hotel, museum and tasting room overlooking the vineyards.

Tornai tries to make wine according to the old traditions, but with the latest materials. Next to traditional oak barrels, are stainless steel tanks with variable temperature control. Currently, the winery has a storage capacity of over 1 million liters, including 30,000 liters in oak barrels.

Tornai owns over 52 acres of vineyard. The main grape varieties of this Somló winery are juhfark, furmint, hárslevelű, olaszrizling, szürkebarát and tramini. In addition, experiments are currently underway with csomorika (a descendant of the juhfark), zenit, pinot blanc and zeus. Winemaker György Várszegi makes two selections from these grapes: the Tornai Classic and the Top Selection.

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