Cantina Mabis Bella Modella Prosecco


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Spumante by Cantina Mabis from Venice, Italy. This spumante comes from a selection of Glera grapes from the hills out of Treviso. Here, grapes are elegantly acidic and the wines light and fresh in character. So is this pleasant Prosecco, prepared using the Charmat method. On the nose acacia flowers with good and fine intensity, fresh fruity and elegant with hints of peach and yellow apple. Softly flavored with character and pleasantly dry. Radiant straw yellow in color full of fine bubbles.

Cantina Mabis Bella Modella Prosecco. This spumante stems from a selection Glera grapes from the hills of Treviso. Here the wines have a elegantly acidity and light freshness character. Similarly this pleasant Prosecco, produced according to the Charmat method. In the smell acacia flowers with good and fine intensity, soft fruity, elegant with a touch of peach and Apple. Soft taste with character and a pleasantly dry. Brilliant pale straw in color full of fine bubbles.


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