Julien Chopin Blanc de Noir Extra Brut

Golden yellow with a dot of pink.

Nose: Discrete with a touch of hazelnut and maquette.

Mouth: Dynamic acids followed by nice structure and in 2nd the chalky minerals. Beautiful bambas.

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Pinot Noir and Meunier champagne by Julien Chopin from Champagne, France. A surprising brut from blue grapes. Nice and tight with lovely fruit notes and a powerful mousse.


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Julien Chopin is based in Monthelon; a village of about 600 inhabitants in the Coteaux Sud d’Epernay wine region. Julien Chopin has 7 hectares of land and has been making a fine range of champagne and ratafia since 1947. It works with as little dosage as possible (low sugar content) to let the grapes do the work, making highly original and creative wines.

Julien Chopin is a Négociant-Manipulant winemaker, meaning some of the grapes are grown in-house and some are bought. The entire process of making champagne is done in-house; working in the vineyard, harvesting and pressing the grapes, letting the wine ferment all the way through to bottling, maturing in the cellars and selling.

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